Spiral brush

Inverted and external coil brush can be winding as the right-hand and left-hand wound, in a wide variety of synthetic (including conductive), metal, and natural filaments and in a full range of pitches. Metal channel strip brush is available as an alternative to metal back brush. It's great for use around curves and in-field installation. Mandrels for external coil brush can be made to your specifications, including solid or tubular construction, keyway or threaded mounting, welded or clip-mounted brush. The coil cleaning brush consists of a coil strip with a defined inner diameter, which can be supplied and assembled on a body properly fixed, or as a spare part to be assembled by the customer. The coils of the coil brush may be wound up closed to or distanced., The fill density of the brushing surface or thickness may be compared to the winding pitch or to the number of coils wound onto a body.